Monday, November 25, 2019

This book, “Elephant – An Animal with Mystical Features" is a very special book from the author. It explains in detail about its mystical features and threats they are facing around the world. is mystical features that make elephant very exceptional. Animal Activists and Animal Lovers will certainly welcome this book. The content is so inspiring that you will feel like doing something to save elephants the the endangered species.  Beautiful pictures supporting the content make this book a magnificent work. Don't you think you should also we should do something and be part of to Save Elephant Projects ?


Tuesday, October 16, 2018

My Books are on Sale!

Hello my friends, I am a Published author from two platforms like, as well as, (Kindle Direct Publishing) and I have a number of books to my credit. They include Photo Books,and Trade books. Photo Books are on Birds n Pet Dogs, and other interesting subjects whereas My Trade books include Suspense Thriller, Reference / Life-Style which can make your life more beautiful. My Photo books have exceptionally beautiful content, on very good paper and find prinding and reasonably priced.

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Another point of attraction is many of my Photobooks are E-book enhanced, which means, there will one or two HD video clips also to make your reading more enjoyable.

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